Meaningful Ways to Connect with Family

Being able to spend time with your children and grandchildren is a blessing. Telling stories, laughing, and sharing experiences is one of the best ways to connect with your loved ones. It is an amazing feeling to surround yourself with a family who loves you and has known you for decades. At the Sunridge Village independent senior living community in Omaha, we encourage all of our residents to frequently visit their family and go on outings. Because after all, family means everything. Our Omaha retirement apartments offer many amenities and benefits to keep you active and spending quality time with those who mean the most to you.

We are going to be discussing 5 ways to connect with your family in the most meaningful ways possible.

1. Spending time with the little ones.

If you have grandchildren in your family, it is a beautiful gift being able to see, and help, them grow. Take them to the park, have snacks and popsicles. Host a playdate and watch them run, laugh and cry. Being able to support them through the day is something they will never forget. Teach them something new. They will always think of you when doing or talking about that subject in the future. If they are older, take them to dinner or a movie. Hang out at their home and play cards or a board game, and share stories to connect more deeply. Our independent senior living apartments in Omaha give you the freedom to see your grandchildren on your schedule. We offer complimentary transportation services from our senior living community to recreational activities.

2. Take a trip to where you were raised.

Plan a trip to your hometown with your family. There will never be a dull moment in conversation while showing your family how and where you were raised. Show them where you went to school, talk about your favorite teacher or neighbors down the street, show your home, and favorite restaurant. The opportunities are endless. This gives you a chance to feel nostalgia, while allowing your family to connect more deeply with you and your history. And, if you’re living in our senior living community in Omaha, your space will be taken care of while you’re gone! You won’t have to worry about finding someone to house-sit, or take care of your mail.

3. Plan a Family Reunion

A family reunion is a blast for older guests, middle-aged guests, and young guests. Everyone will find a space to mingle and catch-up. Have one of your children help reach out to everyone, find a venue, and send out invitations! This will deeply connect even the farthest removed family members together for a fun time with laughs, nostalgia, and sentimental memories. Our Omaha senior living apartments offer telephones and a computer room, so you can call or email those you love!

Sustain These Connections at Sunridge Village

At Sunridge Village, our Omaha senior living community fosters a pleasant environment that helps you make connections with those around you. With our transportation services, you will have the freedom to see your family, and continue strengthening your family bonds. We offer the best amenities and benefits to all staying in our independent senior living apartments.

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